Site management services

Site management services from full outsourcing to systems

When you want to make sure that all regulations regarding e.g. contractors obligations and work permits are followed at the site, you can rely on Uggla’s expertise.

Through us, you can

  • Outsource the entirepermit process
  • Find specialists to ensure the observance of laws and regulations
  • Adopt modern systems to support the permit process

Outsourcing site permit processes

Outsourcing the entire permit process reduces lead time and brings transparency to the process and its costs.

By outsourcing the permit process to Uggla, you can concentrate on essentials. Uggla can offer permit experts and a system that boost the efficiency of the process and ensure that regulations are being followed at the gate every day.

Site Management specialists

Uggla can offer experts for your project who can ensure that the site observes the legislation on the supervision of the subcontracting chain, binding the main contractor.

Legislation includes requirements on contractor’s obligations and work permits. Experts in these matters make sure that laws and regulations are followed on site, and they can also update practices based on changing legislation and regulations if necessary.

A modern system for permits

It’s possible to manage all permits throughout the contractor and subcontractor chain on a single system. We use Zeroni, a flexible and comprehensive SaaS system for experts that can support a functioning work site through all stages of a project.

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